Enjoy the Beauty of Natural Wood

Enjoy the Beauty of Natural Wood

Arrange for custom carpentry services in North Fort Myers & Fort Myers, FL

When you're ready to make a change in your house, consider using natural wood. With custom carpentry services from Creative Custom Carpentry of SWFL, you can give your home a beautiful look without compromising on the design. You can work with our carpenter on any project you have in mind, from replacing your old trim to framing a new roof. We can also install custom wooden ceilings or walls to add character to your space. We've been working with wood for over 30 years and can build any new addition you want with a custom design that matches your home.

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How we can help

No woodworking project is too tough for our team. You can rely on our carpenter to...

  • Seal wood surfaces to help them look beautiful and last as long as possible
  • Install trim carpentry from base and crown molding to chair rail paneling
  • Build custom wood furniture or bedframes
  • Install prefabricated cabinets
  • Install custom wooden walls and wooden ceilings

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Most homes are lacking character and were just built to act as a basic place to live. Fortunately, you can transform your home and dress it up with trim and moldings.

Creative Custom Carpentry of SWFL can create custom wood trim to your home around the walls, doors, cabinets, or other openings. We can also create ornamental trim to bring unique beauty to your space.

Crown moldings also bring warmth to your home and are most commonly found around walls and cabinets. Let us create custom wooden moldings for your home in Southwest Florida. Give us a call today for more information and we and turn your vision into a reality!