Home Additions

Your Home's Design Isn't Permanent

Your Home's Design Isn't Permanent

Partner with us for custom ceiling addition services in North Fort Myers or Fort Myers, FL

Are you tired of the popcorn ceilings in your bedroom? Do you wish your home had a more open floor plan? Just because you liked your home's design when you first moved in, doesn't mean that's still the case. With the help of Custom Carpentry Creation of SWFL, you have the chance to reimagine the design and layout of your home in North Fort Myers or Fort Myers, FL. Ask us to help you with your next home addition or custom ceiling addition project.

Set up a consultation with us today. A custom ceiling addition could be just what you need to fall back in love with your home.

The design possibilities are endless

When you hire us to complete your home addition, we can add unique features like fireplaces and accent walls. A custom fireplace can:

  • Make your space feel warm and welcoming
  • Become the focal point of the space
  • Increase the value of your home

Custom features are designed with the client in mind. Tell us your vision so we can make it a reality. Schedule our fireplace installation services today.

What is wainscoting?

Wainscoting is decorative wood paneling that runs the along the lower half of your wall. Its main purpose is to protect your drywall from potential damage, but it can also add a beautiful design element to the space. You can add an intricate border around the paneling or paint it a different color from your walls. No matter what your vision is, we'll do our best to bring your design ideas to life.

Contact us for professional wainscoting services today.